Management daemon shipped with GVM 10 and later. Abbreviation for Greenbone Vulnerability Manager Daemon.
Management daemon shipped with GVM 9 and before. Abbreviation for OpenVAS Manager Daemon.
Scanner daemon used by GVM 10 and before. It listens for incoming connections via OTP and starts scan processes to run the actual vulnerability tests. It collects the results and reports them to the management daemon. With GVM 11 it has been converted into the openvas application by removing the daemon and OTP parts. Abbreviation for OpenVAS Scanner Daemon.
Scanner application executable to run vulnerability tests against targets and to store scan results into a redis database. Used in GVM 11 and later. It has originated from the openvassd daemon.
A framework for several scanner daemons speaking the Open Scanner Protocol (OSP).
A OSP scanner daemon managing the openvas executable for reporting scan results to the management daemon gvmd. Used in GVM 11 and later.
Greenbone Operating System, the operating system of the GSM appliances. It provides the commercial version of the GVM framework with enterprise support and features.
The commercial product line Greenbone Security Manager available as appliances or virtual machines.
The Greenbone Management Protocol. An XML-based communication protocol provided by openvasmd and gvmd. In the past it was also known as OMP.
The Open Scanner Protocol. An XML-based communication protocol provided by OSPd based scanners.
The OpenVAS Transfer Protocol was inherited from pre-OpenVAS times. It is used by openvassd to communicate with the manager daemon and got replaced by OSP in GVM 11. See the announcement for some background.
The Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM) is a framework of several services. It is developed as part of the commercial product line Greenbone Security Manager. Formerly known as OpenVAS.
Version 9 of the GVM framework. Also known as OpenVAS 9. Used in the GOS 4 series.
Version 10 of the GVM framework. Used in GOS 5.
Version 11 of the GVM framework. Used in GOS 6.
Version 20.08 of the GVM framework. Used in GOS 20.08. First version of GVM and GOS using Calendar Versioning
The Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) covers the actual source codes of the Greenbone application stack for vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management GVM. The source edition is adopted by external third parties, e.g., if the GVM stack is provided by a Linux distribution, it is build from the Greenbone Source Edition.
The Greenbone Professional Edition (GPE) is the Greenbone product line for on-premises solutions. Included are virtual or physical Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) appliances with the Greenbone Operating System (GOS), the Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM) framework, and the Greenbone Security Feed (GSF).
The Greenbone Community Edition was a virtual machine derived from the virtual GSM One appliance for testing purposes using the Greenbone Community Feed. To make this purpose more obvious it was renamed to GSM Trial.
The Greenbone Community Feed (GCF) is the freely available feed for vulnerability information licensed as open source. It contains basic scan configs, report formats, port lists and most important vulnerability tests. The provided data is updated on a daily basis with no warranty or promises for fixes or completeness.
The Greenbone Security Feed (GSF) is the commercial feed provided by Greenbone containing additional enterprise features like policy and compliance checks, extensive reports formats and special scan configs. The feed comes with a service level agreement ensuring support, quality assurance and availability.